Sundrop Tungsten Glow Jigs

Our Sundrop Tungsten Jigs are made with luminous materials which absorb and store light energy from direct sunlight or an artificial light source. Then emit a brilliant glow. This bright glow attracts fish and sends them into a ‘feeding frenzy’. Tungsten jigs are sharper, drop faster and last longer. Available in brilliant colors that attract fish day or night–even in stained or muddy water. Available in 9 brilliant NEON LITES glow colors and 5 UV colors. The Neon Lites UV jigs ‘flash’ even in dark or murky waters. UV jigs attract fish and sends them into a ‘feeding frenzy’. They come in sizes #8, #10, #12 and #14. For BEST results, use LED to excite the jig, then tip with your favorite live or artificial bait.

Size #14-1/40oz.

Size #12-1/24oz.

Size #10-1/16oz.

Size #8-1/10oz.

  • Manufactured by: Neon Lites

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Starting at: $2.29

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